Add On Services

Extra services to add to your SkinPro Experience.

Many treatments include a variety of modalities and therapies.  This is a selection of add on therapies that you may want to consider.  Each treatment offering includes any available add on services under the description.  If you need help adding on a service please give us a call in the studio.  Add on services generally add 30 minutes to treatment time.

Add on Nano Pen

Using a nano pen as an add on amplifies the intensity of the product being used. You would want to choose this option for certain types of chemical peels especially the BioRePeelCl3.

Add On LED

LED light therapy is used for healing the skin. The different wavelengths of light signal the skin healing at different ways. Red light can be used for all skin conditions, blue light for acne, green light for inflammation. Adding on LED will expedite results from your treatment.

Add on Microdermabrasion

Adding microdermabrasion to a treatment that does not already consider this popular modality is a way to intensify the exfoliation portion of the treatment. There are some skin goals that may benefit from a double exfoliation. We can help you answer questions during your consultation.

Add on Micro-current

Adding this modality is a great way to accelerate healing. We suggest this for folks that have a lot of extractions or stubborn cystic acne. We also suggest this add on to combat redness.

Add on Herbal Infusion mask with non-GMO, organic and/or locally foraged ingredients

This mask is custom blended based on your skincare goal. Using this as an add on where this popular modality is not included will help with moisture retention, accelerated healing, redness, acne, and inflammation. The way the mask seals in moisture creating the perfect environment for change.

Add on brows & Lashes

Shaping and tinting brows and lashes can really improve your “wake up ready” routine. Choose from:

· Tinting both brows and lashes to help features stand out

· Shaping of brows is performed with tweezers and/or wax

· Shaping and tinting for the best polished look

Add on scalp & neck massage to release skin fascia

Our signature blend of oils is applied to your scalp, neck and chest. This massage is suggested for those with concerns with forehead wrinkles, neck banding type wrinkles, and fullness in the lower face. It is a boost for relaxation. We utilize pressure points on your scalp, face and neck to encourage relaxation, improve circulation which may improve healthy hair growth as well. (we may also utilize cupping in some areas if needed) This is a 15 minute add on. We must use some slip on the skin for this treatment however we can use minimal amounts of oil for clients on the go.