Micro-current uses different electrical wavelengths, rhythms and depths to stimulate healing in the body.  This can be moving lymphatic fluid, stimulating collagen, contracting muscles, lengthening muscles, increasing circulation, lifting and tightening skin.

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Micro-current has been used for years to assist in healing.  Current is conducted by using the moisture in your skin and body to introduce electrical energy into the skin.  We perform micro-current for the face with gloves, wands, PICO probes and/or masks with micro-current energy running through it.  Body micro-current treatments are performed by using electrodes that are affixed to the skin.  The treatments are active but not painful.  It is important to provide honest feedback to us regarding your sensation during treatment.   When receiving micro-current near your eye area the optic nerve picks up the energy as flashes of light. This is not painful or damaging to the eye but is different that other treatments.  When working on the lower face your saliva changes pH which gives you a slight metallic taste in the mouth. This subsides after the treatment and is not harmful to your teeth or mouth in any way.  Everyone has a different level of current which is optimal for them.  You should never have a painful treatment, we want your feedback to adjust the depth and intensity of the current.  There is no “perfect” number results are achieved at all levels of current. Micro-current is used treat primary skin concerns such as: fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity (sagging skin), pigmentation, redness and sensitivities respond very well to micro-current, acne including cystic acne are well managed with micro-current as well.

Read our writeup in Lipgloss & Aftershave

Read our writeup in Lipgloss & Aftershave

Micro-current builds in the body during the treatment and slowly dissipates over 3 days.  When using micro-current as a way to address skincare goals we suggest setting up a series of treatments with initial treatments twice per week, scaling to once per week, then every 2 weeks until a monthly visit is possible to maintain the results.

There are several natural impediments to conducting electricity efficiently.  The first is finding the correct amount of current.  The body will accept the energy in the way we intend when you are experiencing pain.  Every person has a different level of energy they accept and we work with you to find that level.  You may find your levels change between treatments.  During menstrual cycles for example you may find you want less current. The number is not as important as the way it feels to you and how your skin responds.

Another impediment to micro-current is hydration.  We suggest all clients consuming half your body weight in ounces of water per day. This allows for good overall body function.  If you find yourself outside of this parameter, please make small adjustments by adding an extra 10-15% needed per day until you reach your goal intake.  Consuming too much water is dangerous to body functions so please follow this guideline, more is not better.   When we perform micro-current treatments you will find that we use hot towels to warm the skin, we may work with cups to introduce more hydration to the skin with products as well.

Lastly impediments can also be found in the form of scar tissue, stagnant lymph activity, injury or illness in different parts of the body.  An example would be if you care coming in for a micro-current facial treatment and have chronic pain in another location of your body please tell us.  We will make adjustments by adding a few electrodes to those areas in an attempt to balance current distribution Providing us with accurate history allows us to make adjustments and overcome impediments easily and effectively.  The device we use has impedance technology to make adjustments as well.

If you have any of the following you should not receive micro-current:

  • Seizure disorders
  • Pregnant
  • Metal implants in the areas we plan to treat especially the head
  • Irregular heartbeat or heart conditions that involve heart rhythms
  • Extreme anxiety
  • Claustrophobia as we do use hot towels and your face is covered for a few minutes at a time.
  • f you have had facial injections to include neurotoxin (Botox) or filler in the past 14 days.  There is a risk of migration of the injectable before 14 days causing unwanted affects. ​

Lifting Micro-current Facial Treatment

We start with an in-depth consultation to include your skincare history, diet, lifestyle, skincare goals and primary skin concern along with photos of your skin without expression. When we start the treatment, we use those photos to pay attention to the muscles and skin in the areas of your concern.  While we work on the entire face, neck and chest your area of main concern will receive the most concentration.  After photos are taken for comparison and shared with you upon request.   Clients usually see an immediate result.

Add on options: microdermabrasion, Herbal Infusion mask with non-GMO, organic and/or locally foraged ingredients, LED

Acne Micro-current Facial Treatment

We start with an in-depth consultation including your past treatment of acne, home skincare routine, diet, lifestyle and skincare goals.  We will take photos of your skin prior to the appointment and after the treatment which we can share with you upon request.  Acne is inflammatory and bacterial in nature.  We try and address both of those with this treatment.  Surface bacteria is greatly affected by increased circulation and oxygenation of the skin.  When you have cystic areas on your face the inflammation is pushed out through the lymphatic system decreasing the painfulness of acne lesions, decreasing redness and improving texture of the skin.  For clients who are extremely sensitive, failed traditional methods of acne treatment or wish to pursue a medicine free option this is a good alternative.  We use hot towels and perform limited extractions during this visit.  You can expect some immediate improvement and a series of treatments is best.

Add on options: microdermabrasion, Herbal Infusion mask with non-GMO, organic and/or locally foraged ingredients, LED

​Body Micro-current Treatments

Our body treatments start with measurements of your body area, photos and an in-depth consultation.  We want to discuss your lifestyle and any past treatments you have experienced and your results.  Body treatments are designed to:

  • Decrease in the appearance of cellulite
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Increased skin tone
  • Tighter skin in the area treated

We have 26 channels of treatment possibility for the body which can treat arms, legs, abdomen, chest and butt.  We often treat multiple areas at one time.  Electrodes are placed on the skin with leads to the device.  This treatment is often described as more active than a facial micro-current treatment due to the expanded treatment areas.  We adjust the depth, intensity and timing of micro-current to provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable treatment aligned with your goals

Add on options: microdermabrasion, Herbal Infusion clay based mask with non-GMO, organic and/or locally foraged ingredients, LED

Ultimate Eye Opener

Look refreshed and ready anytime.  Microcurrent is used around your eyes while a lash lift and tint is performed.