Micro-Channeling – Advanced Treatment Option

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We are excited about this new treatment. Micro-channeling takes the science of micro-needling and coverts it to a low risk and high reward treatment. You don’t have to apply numbing cream and you can choose the ingredient you want to infuse into the skin. The treatment feels like a microdermabrasion at the .25mm setting. A little more intense at the .50mm setting. We use a variety of treatment serums (my favorite is the stem cell/growth factors!) to create small injuries in the epidermis. When the machine is applied the skin is pulled in slightly and the needles put small perforations into the skin at a shallow depths and infuses advanced treatment serums at the same time. It can be used around the eyes and lips. We can also treat body areas for scarring and stretch marks.

Liz has worked with micro-needling on the training side for years. Abby comes with advanced micro-channeling training and certification. We are very excited to use these skills and provide this new service. We wanted to offer more to members than the monthly service and this has been a great solution. We will be featuring a few more new things soon so stay tuned!

This is best performed in a series of weekly treatments or every 2 weeks for a total of 4 treatments. You can purchase them in a package or individually. The cost for an individual treatment is $300, a series of 4 is priced at $240 each or $960.

We love our members so we always offer then a special price! Members will pay the package price of $240 for single treatments. You can apply your membership fee total and pay the difference at the time of your treatment. (Example if your membership fee is $99, you pay the difference of $141 and use your membership credit that month).

If you aren’t using a home care product to correct main skin concern we highly recommend you begin one before this series. We are offering a growth factor and stem cell products from Ontogeny C. Using an advanced product like a stem cell/growth factor helps your skin to behave differently by receiving messages differently. The replication of skin cells and collagen is increased giving you more volume, more hydration, more collagen. This provides younger and smoother skin. We are always happy to discuss your specific skincare needs and create a plan just for you.